Raw Garden Vape Cartridges

Raw Garden Vape Cartridges

Looking for true high-quality THC oil? Raw Gardens provides a top of the line cannabis oil in their pre filled vape cartridges. Unlike many others who use trim and artificial terpenes to cut back on the cost, Raw Gardens only uses premium flower and natural terpenes.

Frozen cannabis material is blasted to achieve the best vape cartridge filled with live resin on the market. This is a brand that focuses on creating the best THC oil for vape cartridges.

The high also will last longer than other cartridges that are manufacturing THC oil from crude and trim. There is a surge of high-quality THC cartridges in California and Raw gardens is just one of many that have surfaced.

Available Strains/Flavors

Berry White, Cherry Wine, Kimbo Chem, Lime Mojito, Slymer Deebo as well as Strawberry Jack.

Additional information

Raw Garden

Berry White, Cherry Wine, Kimbo Chem, Lime Mojito, Slymer Deebo, Strawberry Jack


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