Pennywise Medical Marijuana Strain



Pennywise Medical Marijuana Strain

Pennywise Medical Marijuana Strain – 70 INDICA / 30 SATIVA

THC: 8 – 15, CBD: 12

A cross of sativas Jack the Ripper and Harlequin, is known mostly for its unusually high CBD content. Those levels can top 12, making this a good choice for patients who need treatment for seizures or other medical disorders that can be alleviated with CBD. Though its parents are decidedly sativa-dominant, Pennywise is an indica-heavy cross with a sativa/indica ratio of roughly 30:70. That makes for a mild but clear-headed physical high with a dose of euphoria.

In addition to epilepsy, this strain is effective treatment for cancer symptoms, arthritis, PTSD, neurological disorders, and anxiety. The smell is pungent and woody while the flavor is sweet with notes of wood. There isn’t much available data on adverse effects, but users should probably expect dry eyes, cottonmouth, and paranoia. Pennywise sells best in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Michigan, and Colorado. It may occasionally appear on the black market, but it appears to be limited mostly to legal medical markets.


Euphoria – Focus – Happy – Relaxing – Sleepy

Relieve Symptoms

Arthritis – Chronic Pain – Depression – Gastrointestinal Disorder – Headaches – Inflammation – Insomnia – PTSD – Stress


Bubble Gum – Coffee – Herbal – Lemon – Spicy – Sweet – Woody


Coffee – Herbal – Pepper – Spicy – Sweet – Woody