Orchid Essentials Vape Oil

Orchid Essentials Vape Oil. This is a true terpene treat with 15 terpenes.

With a delightful terpene profile, thus a great night time hybrid said to help ease stress. Also best for anxiety while boosting happiness and relaxation.

Orchid products are hand crafted and designed for maximum flavor and user experience. Their proven processes and passion for what they do carries through in their product.

Handcrafted to be safe, effective, enjoyable, and to deliver the best user experience.

No Glycols/PG/PEG or Coconut Oil

Convenient as well as Easy Vaping

Includes: One 1g cannabis oil cartridge

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Apple Cookies, Bubba Afghan, Dutch Treat, Jack Herer, Strawberry Cough, Tropical Trainwreck


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